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I send you greetings at this new year with the wish and hope that we may enjoy ‘better times’ ahead than was our lot during 2022


Despite my intention to ‘wind-down’ and perhaps retire completely, my fascination with vintage toys, models and associated ephemera continues unabated, despite the absence of toy-fairs for the exchange of goods. The website pages ‘consolidate’ all items in stock at 1st. January 2023 although I expect it to be ‘out of date’ within a short space of time as my stock changes almost constantly. I will issue a supplement as soon as circumstances warrant it.


Please contact me by e-mail, telephone or letter if any item is of interest. I usually have only one of any item, but if the item in question has already been sold, I may be able to offer an alternative.


Despite working mainly from home and not attending many fairs, I still have opportunities to acquire new items, and I would be interested to hear from you if you are considering the disposal of any item(s) such as those appearing in my lists.


My slogan for thirty-odd years – ‘Buying or selling -I offer a good deal’.


Yours sincerely

January 2023
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