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The placing of an order in response to the attached list indicates your acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.
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The placing of an order in response to the attached list indicates your acceptance of the following Terms and


1. Payment before despatch unless otherwise agreed in advance.

2. Postage will be charged at cost with a small additional fee for packing materials. I may offer concessionary terms on postage and packing based on the value of the order received.      

3. Full refund (excluding postage) if customer is not satisfied with goods on inspection, or if a satisfactory repair can not be agreed upon. Goods must be returned immediately, not having been altered or modified in any way or a repair attempted.  My liability is limited to the refund of the value of the goods as charged and I accept no other claim whatsoever for restitution or alleged damages.

4. All descriptions are given honestly and in good faith, but all goods are sold 'as seen' - no liability will be accepted for any loss, injury or damage incurred through reliance on or interpretation of such descriptions. 

5. Transformers, motors and similar electrical goods are connected to supply at buyers sole risk.  Locomotives are in working order when sold unless otherwise stated, but no guarantee is given for defects occurring at any time following purchase.  I will endeavour to help by having faults rectified, without prejudice and at buyer's expense unless otherwise agreed before work commences.  Many of these items are over seventy years old.  Whilst they have proved very reliable and resilient over the years, do not expect more than is fair and reasonable from them in terms of condition or capability.

6. Credit and debit cards are no longer accepted.  Payment can be made by cash, cheque, postal order, bank draght  and PayPal.  Prices strictly 'as list' if payment is other than cash, unless specifically agreed otherwise.  I reserve the right to add a proportionate cost to cover bank and commission charges.

7. If remitting from overseas, please ensure that the draft is drawn in £Sterling (GBP) on a bank with a London UK address.

9. If customers ask for special arrangements to be made regarding labelling or consigning of goods, any uninsured losses incurred as a result will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

End of terms and Conditions

Information for customers

A. Condition gradings:

Mint: As ex-factory, never touched or used. A Term I am reluctant to employ.

Almost mint: As good as I have seen

Excellent: An outstanding example

Very good: Above average, but with some blemishes.

Good: Would stand comparison with much of what is seen considering the age of the item.

FairSlightly: less good than average, with faults.

PoorMuch: below average.

B. 0-gauge Wagon Frame descriptions

Type 1 (1f)Small solid triangular axle carrier used in early 1920s.

Type 2 (2f)Long open-latticeaxle carrier used mid-1920s. to 1931.

Type 3 (3f)Larger solid triangular axle carrier with spring detail; earlier types had punched  slots for afixing axle covers. Used 1931-1939

Type 4 (4f)Post-war.  Largersolid triangular axle carrier with minimal spring detail and no slots.

0-gauge rolling stock is fitted with post-1931 automatic couplings ('ac') unless otherwise stated (eg: 'dlc' indicates 'drop-link couplings')

Other descriptions:
Millibox -  Made-to-measure replica box by Ray Milbourne.

C. Hornby Dublo abbreviations used:

mcMetal couplings
pcPlastic couplings
mwMetal wheels
pwPlastic wheels
bsbBlue striped box
rsbRed striped box
pbbPlain blue box
ppbPlain box with paperpicture
spbStriped picture box
fsbNon-striped full-colour picture box
TCFully printed replicabox by Tony Cooper
TWPhoto-copied replicabox by Tony Winzar

General notes for Customers

D. A quick response is essential to secure your first choice, but please try to mark alternative selections if possible.

Invariably several customers desire the same item and as I usually have only one such item to offer, only one customer can be successful.  But frequently disappointment can turn to delight when a choice alternative becomes available which was perhaps not listed originally. So don't despair!

E. Please use the message or fax facility if I am unable to answer your call personally (message can be left on both the office and  mobile telephone numbers. The fax operates on the office number only.  Messages can be left 24-hours a day throughout the year.

F.  It would be appreciated if calls requiring a personal response could be timed between 8.30am. and 6pm. UK time, although I will answer outside these hours if I am in the office. I do like a little time to relax (not often!) so please help me to preserve a balanced life-style!

G. Then please be patient whilst I attend to your enquiries.  I employ no staff and offer a personal service, but this means that I can only attend to one thing at a time and follow-up calls only prolong the delays, particularly at mail-order times.

Points to ponder

H. When considering my prices, remember: -
- there are no add-on premiums;
- you may part-exchange; -
- there is a full backup service;
- there is a money-back guarantee;
- none of which is available if you buy at auction or from  less- reputable dealers!

Remember also that instead of bidding-up prices, I can frequently negotiate a discount on some listed Prices


J. Please discuss with me any proposal you may have for selling or exchanging items similar to those appearing in these lists.  Remember when disposing:-
- immediate settlement
- no lotting fees
- no commission charges
- no catalogue or photography  fees
- usually no travelling costs

Hello?  Hello?

I hope to hear from you regularly.  If not, you are welcome to browse my website atb any time, but I will delete you from specific mailshots which would advise you of updates or special happenings.

Thank you for your interest until now.

Sections of List:

  1.  0-gauge - English Hornby

  1A. 0-gauge and larger -  English Non-Hornby

  1B. 0-gauge - French Hornby

  2.  Hornby Dublo

  3.  All other railway (00,  TTR, etc.)

  4. Diecasts

  5. Tinplate, Meccano, Minic, Jig-saw Puzzles, novelty items

  6. Books, catalogues, etc

End of information pack

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