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We buy and sell mostly pre-1970 toys and models, specialising in products of the Meccano company including Hornby trains and Dinky Toys.
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Most of the Main Sales pages were last updated on 8th July 2019.

The Eagle page was updated in September 2019.

The Latest Stock page was updated on 22nd November 2019.
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The sales pages of this website will no longer be available after 31st. December 2019.

This applies to those pages relating to Hornby 0-gauge, Hornby-Dublo, general Railway, Diecasts, Tinplate Toys & Meccano, Literature.

The supply of spare parts for Hornby 0-gauge (and some other 0-gauge systems) will continue until further notice. Please follow this link to 'Old Tin Toy Train Parts': www.oldtintoytrainparts.co.uk